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Business Issues: Content Insider #357 - Connected Things

Content Insider #357 - Connected Things

IoT is a Long-Term Work-in-Progress ... Real Long Term

Miles Weston

Does it bother you that people want to connect things to talk to each other to tell them where they're going, what they're doing, why they're doing it and then telling some big database out there all of their dirty little secrets? All wihtout you knowing a darned thing? What harm can it do? Just because there's supposed to be 50B things talking to each other and only 7-9B plus people on this orb in a few years. Sounds great. All we need is a single standard for all the things to talk/work together. That's tough we can't even agree on which side of the road everyone should drive on. And to work we need it all together as a single entity not one piece at a time because that'll take like forever. Read More >>

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