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Bear Butt Hammocks

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http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12513/7040769?cpt=8&wpid=2637 Fri, 11 Aug 2017 15:15:21 +0000 Bear Butt Hammocks hammocking http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12513/7040769?cpt=8&wpid=2637 KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City i mean that's the way to do it on the sit of good things utah, i'm so excited to you have back, welcome to chris and griz, the one and only from bare butt hammocks. so excited to have you back, these have been so much fun. the last time you were on the show we snapped a few up. >> you did. >> the kids loved them. >> you weren't here. >> you missed out. >> and you have some new exciting news that you are ready to share. >> we have wonderful news. what we are doing is we have got a warehouse in utah county in procho and we want to start manufacturing a hammocks there, provo. >> u.s.a. made and start shipping there. we don't want to deal with any more china manufacturing dirty warehouses. we want it all here in the u.s >> why is that important. >> we are young entrepreneurs, we want to live the american dream and have a good wholesome product here in the u.s.a. something that is made here, that is built here, that we can show other people you can live the dream. you can do what you want to do and make your product here in the u.s.a. >> how cool, you are making all of these hammocks when we are looking at these images. what sets you apart from other hammocks out there. >> great question, we are half the cost of other guys, originally hammocks cost around $70 retail am we come in and we are 35-97 for the solid colors and 49.97 for the patterns am we have a lot of fun patterns. a lot of the hammock companies right now aren't doing fun, crazy wild colors or patterns and we came in and wanted to do something fun, do something for the college demographic. we came out with fun, hip colors w pineapple flamingos. i think you have the flamingos. >> yeah, so darling, brielle love it, we all love it. >> so cool, hammocking is a thing. >> you see kids doing it. >> why has hammocking really come back into the forefront. >> kids are loving it. it's like kids, a sowing thing for people to do now. no sits on their phones any more. they kind of hop in a hammock and socialize in the outside. it is really neat to see everyone getting off their phones and getting outdoors. >> so they aren't just getting in the hammock on their phone. >> correct. >> yeah, sit it in and experience the hammock life. >> so i have got to admit, i'm a little voar-- nervous it get into i a hammock. >> no, should i be sitting like are you sitting. >> no, i feel like own it. >> i want to lay down. >> go for it. >> do we need any. >> are you overthinking it, jess yea. >> wait, they aren't showing me because they know this is going tond. >> there you go, see? super comfortable, right. >> see you later. >> the material is super soft. >> go ahead, we're doing an indy go go and that will launch and what it is is to help fund our new manufacturer in house here in provo, utah. and to just get the ball rolling with making hammocks here. making hammocks here and just shipping from from our warehouse as well. we're really going to i guess make a dent in the hammock industry by doing this. >> i love that. i love that you are local. i love you are doing this all here in salt lake and utah an keeping it all made within the u.s.a. so you have a discount code for our viewers. >> we do, for everybody out there. if you head to our website www.bare butt.com and use the code yes, yes all capitol-- capital it will give you 30% off for the first hour and then 20% off after that. so go. >> so hurry within get the 30% off. >> starting now. >> you have to snap these up. they are so fun and so cute and just. >> i love the material. i'm not going to lie. >> super soft. >> hammocks i have been in before and i feel like. >> and we're only half the cost of the other guys. we came in and undercut. >> that is the price double the cuteness, are you awesome. >> that's right thank you so much. >> you have to grab one of those. >> the hammock life is the best life. >> brian, i feel like you are wishing you had one

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