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http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12487/7275307?cpt=8&wpid=2637 Fri, 02 Mar 2018 11:24:11 +0000 SUNNYSIDE CUP COFFEE 03-02-18 SUNNYSIDE CUP COFFEE 03-02-18 http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12487/7275307?cpt=8&wpid=2637 WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN chip chapman >> you have now is getting a lot of extra coffee this morning showing one of coffee and the crew likes it when i drink a lot. jerry marti is here charity and her sister run the yes on the side cup which is just down the road to muscle broad street charity. welcome, good morning rate coffee. thank you. we don't coffee really is what makes the perfect cup of coffee ... caffeine and everybody like a copy little bit different. as far as a light roast medium dar and each region of the world that make grows coffee beans ha different flavor is the nuances in their coffee and and after the drinker. now i need to unit these when they come from well right now we have this in mantra we rotate through. sometimes we have from rwanda and south america from gannett or all over the world that we liked rotated out variety and part of our faith truck friday. i love your little and we were all asked if he brought a drive- by really, really, what made you decide to do that that pacific northwest from alaska originall, and my sister and i finalized out with these things are everywhere. people in the pacific northwest. and so are we so when we moved here and realized china didn't have one without the opportunity and we've been having so much fun since we've been like this. i do you find yourself doing a lot o repeat customers. okay is one you guessing and that's when th day at the same time they are in a hurry and you need something quick. i'm always in a hurry and it's really get her again and you have other things besides copy available for we think that everyone key should a protein option, cookies, bananas, and don't even have to get on your car will have a question about coffee aesthetics. this make a difference. a lot of folks will say the same wine will taste better in the cut glass crystal wine as opposed to a red dixie cup water in a pot of coffee is the vessel your trachea from hi and something to and a lot of irregulars bring their own mind through i would say, they certainly help sandy and shy rainy on my throat and just wanted to drink good coffee. my life is too short not to let us saturate any month are availabl in text can buy them at the 11 coffee that doesn't do the harbor doesn't some coffee you get me even from some so-called coffeehouses to be just like not going to get your scissors out of this world beautiful stoneware like this also. i doubt it's on the side cup correct, family and going after he got off work as i we should try to reach us relocated. we are at 330 08 straight circuit, a writer in the street from the southern larry building on friday between downtown and lookout mountain were 3300 broa so it's just down the road us on the same side of the street

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