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A Noob's Guide to Increasing Sales with Live Chat Software

By Jason Grills

When it's used in a right way, a live chat tool can be a great way of improving your way of doing business. 

If you've introduced online support software as a means of increasing your income but you notice no improvement in your financial statement, you may be missing out on something important.

In this article, we'll throw light on some of the elementary guidelines to efficiently increasing sales with live chat software. 

Basic Ways of Increasing Sales using Online Support Software

#1 Introduce 24/7 Availability

It's a complete waste if you aren't aware of its true potential. The truth is - if your customers cannot get immediate answers to their messages, your live chat support won't add any value to your business.

The main goal of live support should be to provide on time answers and efficient solutions to the issues your customers face. This means that you should not limit this type of support only on your working hours. 

If you want to interact with your customers only during the working hours, then go for a live chat solution that can store the offline messages so that you don't make your potential clients frustrated. If you want satisfied customers, you have to be at their service any time they need it. You'll be aware of the positive impact of this decision on your income sooner than you expect it.

#2 Start chat only when needed

The best part about live chat software is the fact there's a plenty of tools that let you see which pages your visitors click on and how much time they spend on them. Hence you have the chance of getting this useful information, make sure to get the most of it. 

Accordingly, don't rush into chatting with visitors by bombing them with annoyingly robotized live chat messages each time they visit your website. In contrast to that, follow their actions on your website and make sure to contact them only if they seem to be stuck on a certain page. However, be careful - if you wait for too long, they may leave your site. 

#3 Don't be a robot, be a human

Just imagine this situation (which isn't that surreal, though).

Potential buyer: Hi! I'd like to ask you if you could send this product to my friend's address instead of mine.

Live chat support: Hello. How can we help you?

Potential buyer: I've just told you what I want you to do for me. 

Live chat support: Thank you for messaging us, we'll get to you soon.

The point is - nobody likes speaking to a robot, especially when it is a lame robot. If you really want your website visitor to become your loyal customer, you may want a less robotic and more friendly version of live chat support. 

Formality and automation don't work when it comes to live chat. Instead, leave an impression on a visitor by showing your live support team members are real humans. 

Personalize chat box with a name and a photograph and encourage the team to have a more relaxed and informal approach when talking with customers. Neither you nor your clients want your live chat staff to act as if they were nerds on guard. 

#4 Give value to your customers 

Another good thing about live chat support is the fact that this tool usually provides you with a lot of information about the visitors. Having them, you can subtly offer them some relevant services or products similar to the ones they asked for. 

Of course, you should be wise and rational when doing this - you don't want the visitors to feel bombarded with products, especially those that they don't need. 

This strategy is especially awesome in cases when visitors aren't eligible for certain services but you have something similar that may work for them. 

#5 When you have a chance of upselling, do it

Once you've provided clients with useful information or solved their doubts, don't miss a chance of offering them some additional products or services. Some of them may be recommended add-ons, upgrades or complementary products with special discounts. 

By upselling, you will improve the final value that your customers get, while at the same time increasing your sales. This is a popular strategy varied companies that use live chat support primarily for upselling. 

#6 Listen to your customers

Sometimes, website visitors don't follow the usual route when exploring your site or ordering products. In some cases, some of them may want to check out the FAQ page or About us section before ordering a product. 

Having this in mind, it's really important for you not to be pushy and not to overwhelm the users by constantly directing them towards the Payment page. That's why you should assist their process of site navigation by providing some quick links they may be interested in before the conclusion of purchase. 


The most important thing that influences the possibility of implementation of all these suggestions is the quality and reliability of your live chat support software. 

Therefore, make sure that you've chosen a tool that has all the features that will make it possible for you to improve your performance. 

Once you've implemented the listed suggestions, you'll realize it's actually not so difficult to build a reliable online customer service that will provide real help to your customers while at the same time increase your sales. 

Jason Grills is a technical writer currently associated with ProProfs. He enjoys writing about emerging project management products, customer support products, trends in project management industry and customer support industry, and the financial impacts of using such tools. He lives in Los Angeles, California. In his spare time, Jason enjoys long walks on beach, listening to blues and doing all things creative.

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