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How AI is Changing How You Get Your News

By Josephine Perry

Media companies around the world have brought us lots of news on the developments of Artificial Intelligence over the past few years and sometimes, they even add to the overall hype. Reports of AI chatbots, driverless cars, medical developments, and more have been published by media outlets almost daily, yet they have been remarkably quiet about their own uses of AI.

This article looks at how AI is already changing the way media businesses create and distribute content. We're also investigating the uses of this technology for personalization and automation, and even how AI is freeing up journalists' time to be ever more creative with the way we're given information.

AI - The Most Important Technology Shaping Media Businesses

According to Nick Edwards, CEO and co-founder of Boomtrain, AI is the single most important technology shaping the media business today. It's not hard to tell that he was on to something: applications of AI have allowed media outlets to access new competitive advantages in areas never before considered. 

Up until a few years ago, media companies differentiated themselves through their content and battled over distribution numbers. Thanks to the proliferation of the internet, distribution competition has faded. Other areas of competition, most notably relevancy and delivery, have begun to fill this void.  

Relevant Content is the New Battleground

Relevancy is all about providing new consumers with articles and other media on topics that they are interested in. Through this one simple action, an increase in a publication's reach, reduction to the cost of wasted ad impressions, and vast improvements the consumer experience can be made. 

Before today's technological advancements, this would have seemed like an impossible task. Thanks to the new access to consumer datasets, these sorts of meaningful interactions are more feasible than ever. Not only that, they are becoming imperative for media brands who want to stay ahead of the game, their competitors, and to remain relevant to their existing and new audiences. 

The Right Place at The Right Time

As consumers, we want more than just to be provided with news articles and other media we have an interest in. It's also important that it's delivered in a format we are comfortable with and at a time when we are able to view it. 

Our consumption of all types of media changes depending on the day of the week or our location. Think about how dissimilar your weekends are to your workweek, and how different your days are to your nights.  

It's not as straightforward as it may seem for media companies to successfully supply us with content. However, AI is now perceptive enough to identify our time and location needs, and it can even assess your daily schedule to help media outlets deliver the right content to you at the right time and place. 

Creating content

AI assistants are already being used by some media corporations to help sift through data, organize content, and deliver that information in digestible ways. These AI assistants are intended to augment and boost journalistic skills, freeing up humans to focus on more interesting and creative tasks associated with bringing us news or entertainment.

Other organizations are taking content creation even further, using AI automation to transform data into text and text into video, enabling stories to be distributed to consumers in the media format they most prefer.

With the increase of fake news and half-baked facts littering the internet and social media platforms, AI is also being used to help media companies ensure the factual content of the stories they publish. The ability to sift through large amounts of data and verify outlandish claims will help publications and news outlets of all types improve their credibility. All this while they can deliver the stories we want to hear at the right time and place.

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