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The Most Secure Phones for Travel

By Kevin Gardner

Whenever you are away from home, your smartphone may be at risk from applications that try to access your personal information or there may be some malware that wants to access your emails. 

The things we have listed in this article will guarantee your privacy by use of firewalls, facial recognition, endpoint protection platform and through data encryption. Mobile security and privacy is an emerging issue in the world today. 

Free Wi-Fi has become very common in hotels, offices and other social places. The Wi-Fi may be very tempting for anyone with a smartphone. However, most of these public networks are insecure which means that they are potentially risky and susceptible to cyber-attacks. Hackers out there may capitalize on this loophole and can easily compromise personal information, bank account details and corporate secrets. 

Android and Apple phones have some privacy and security features. However, snoopers have outsmarted them, and they can easily be hacked. However, there are some phones in the market today that have extra layers that are specialized for your privacy and protection. These phones include:

BlackBerry KEYone
BlackBerry KEYone is a capacitive touchscreen-based smartphone which has an in-built QWERTY keyboard. The smartphone is android based and manufactured by TLC Corporation but under the BlackBerry brand name. It features a retro-looking stainless steel and will cost you about $600. However, the DTET security app is what should attract travelers the most. 

The security application monitors the smartphone's security status in real time and provides the user with a rating. The app allows the user to manage what data is shared and the applications it is shared with. The most important security feature about the KEYone is that the DTEK app alerts you if there is an application that is trying to access your location or contacts. The app will let you know if anyone is accessing your camera or microphone remotely.

iPhone X
The iPhone X is a smartphone that is developed, designed and marketed by Apple. The smartphone premiered as the company's flagship device with a unit cost of $1,100. The iPhone X is positioned as a high-end product by Apple as it presents the technology and security features of the future. It features OLED display, wireless charging, and dual lens cameras. 

It also features Face ID application which is a facial recognition system which scans the face of its user instead of asking for a passcode. The face recognition technology in this device compares the real-time face of the user with a selfie that was taken previously that sits on the smartphone and not a remote server. 

Samsung Galaxy S8
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is an Android smartphone that belongs to the Samsung Galaxy S series and is produced by Samsung Electronics. The S8 and S8+ come with significant design changes and upgraded hardware and software. The S8 comes with a Samsung Knox inside. The Samsung Knox is a defense-grade security application that is built into the software and hardware. 

This security app maintains professional data encrypted and separated from the rest of the smartphone. Information technology administrators can manage multiple Knox devices remotely. The phone also features a facial recognition system and new virtual assistant features called Bixby.

If you value your privacy, then Solarin smartphone by Syrian Labs is one of the available choices for you. The phone from the UK stakes its future in people who believe that their security and privacy are priceless. Solarin is all about your safety from snoopers and has a unit retail price of $13,500. It features a security mode that isolates encrypted messages and calls. The phone also creates an isolated zone for ProtonMail for encrypted emails. It comes with high-end Beryllium earphones and an international charger. 

BlackBerry DTEK 50
This good value device takes its name from the pre-installed DTEK security application from BlackBerry and retails at $799. The phone locks away data using a 4,096-bit encryption. The encryptions keys are locally stored on the device rather than a remote server. This ensures that no government or third party can intercept your messages.

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