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Adhesive and Sealants Market for Handheld Devices Estimated to Grow at 7.21% CAGR to Reach USD 7,946.8 Million by 2023 By Herald Keeper An analyst from Market Research Future (MRFR)'s team said, 'Global Adhesives and Sealants Market for Handheld Devices was valued at USD 4,882.6 million in 2016 and is expected to grow at 7.21% CAGR to reach USD 7,946.8 million by the end of 2023. Adhesives & sealants for handheld devices are gaining traction in the global market with the rapidly changing technologies allied with the portable gadgets and devices such as mobile phones & tablets, gaming laptops and detachable laptops among others. The design sophistication of latter mentioned devices and the miniaturization trend requires bonding agents that doesn't jeopardize the quality and performance of these devices, which in turn is driving the global market. ...Read More »
Content Insider #536 - Open Access By Miles Weston We live on the Internet -- communicating with people around the globe, researching stuff for articles, skimming over the free video stuff the kids post on YouTube and Facebook, streaming content to the big screen in the family room. We even stream subscription shows from Netflix and Amazon Plus as well as transaction documentaries from Vimeo. It's great to catch up on content like this even though our service provider doesn't exactly let us watch 4K in 4K but rather something that is a little smaller that travels more easily OTT. Had to explain to the kids that unlimited data plans from our "favorite" carrier is only their version of unlimited not what you or I call unlimited. Of course it's always nice to know that "they" are keeping track of what you're watching/doing on the Internet...for our own good. ...Read More »
The Huge Role Big Data is Playing in Financial Services By Kevin Gardner The financial services sector relies on data insights perhaps more than any other industry active today. On the smallest scale, community banks collect consumer data on potential loanees to determine their creditworthiness. A credit risk might tip the scales towards not making a loan to someone that the bank deems unreliable or financially unstable. Insurance companies, credit card companies, and worldwide stock exchanges rely on data and risk assessment before making a move. ...Read More »
CCTV Market Valued Approximately USD 19 Billion in 2015, Now Growing at 20% of CAGR By Herald Keeper The global CCTV market is likely to be valued around $19 billion in 2015. This market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 20%. ...Read More »
What is Bytecoin? By Ian Wallace What is Bytecoin? Bytecoin, not to be confused with Bitcoin, is a cryptocurrency that highly focuses on privacy, decentralization, and network stability. Made in July of 2012 by the Bytecoin core development team, it was one of the first cryptocurrencies to be it's own original code and not a cookie cutter fork of Bitcoin. But what makes Bytecoin different from Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies out there? ...Read More »
70% of Fortune 100 Companies Use the IoT Seven out of ten Fortune 100 Companies offer IoT products, services, or initiatives. Although the Internet of Things is popular in consumer application, most IoT developments are being made for major companies like General Electric, Rolls Royce, AT&T and Google. The world of IoT is constantly growing. In 2006, there were only 2 billion objects connected to the Internet of Things. Gartner projects that by 2020, that number will grow to over 200 billion; to put it another way, for every human being on the planet there will be about 26 objects wired to the IoT. ...Read More »
What You Need To Know About Ransomware By Jesse Wood, CEO of eFileCabinet Our world is advancing in technology. There's no denying that, but what happens when a criminal masked behind the security of a computer attacks your files or hard drive? Cybercrime has become a quickly increasing online threat. Hacking is on the rise, and many of these criminals have taken to using ransomware, a malicious malware that holds your important files captive until you pay a large sum of money. This is a rapidly growing issue, but there are ways to protect yourself. You don't have to sit in fear, waiting for the day that ransomware comes for your data. But don't think it can't happen to you, too. With this epidemic spreading quickly, and new versions arising every few months, being aware and taking preventative measures can only help. ...Read More »
You can Now Plan Routes Effectively with our GPS Services Using our GPS fleet management solutions are a complete package that confers many benefits to your business. For instance, they can enhance data tracking and help with the best route identification. The reason is that when you use our tools to plan, you reduce operational inefficiency and avoid fuel wastage. Additionally, they will help reduce driver expenses while in transit. Read on to find out how enhanced route planning will benefit your business. ...Read More »
Apple Face ID Clip By IDG.TV Watch Apple's demonstration and explanation of Face ID during the iPhone X event on September 12. ...Read More »
Biologist comes up with an efficient way to measure the intensity of shocks by eel By Herald Keeper We have always been captivated by the amazing capability of the eel fish to shock its prey but recent studies have cleared out that the eel has evolved over time to deliver much intense and painful shock to anyone threatening its habitat. These shocks mimic a Taser gun and are delivered by the eel by leaping into the air and directly feeding the current to the predators body. ...Read More »

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