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Content Insider #559 - Protection By Miles Weston Consumer Reports just discovered your smart TV is so smart it's watching you and letting those other guys know. Oh yeah and all those free apps on your phone, all of your stuff on the Web, your increasingly smart car, the smart stuff that is making home life so great...all listening in, sharing. About the only thing that isn't sharing is your offline encrypted personal and business storage. Everything else assume your info is out there. Yes you could go off line but that's a little drastic. Better yet spend some time checking all your settings, adjust your mindset, control what you can control and enjoy the benefits of your shared information. ...Read More »
How Will 5G Affect the Cloud? By Nathan Sykes The rollout of 5G wireless technologies will transform the entire enterprise and consumer markets. First, it enables enhanced and reliable mobile broadband connections, with huge stores of bandwidth and low-latency support. For obvious reasons, this opens up many new opportunities regarding how the service can be used. ...Read More »
Data Backup and Recovery in the Age of Ransomware By Robert LaMagna-Reiter, Senior Director of Information Security The primary defense against ransomware infections and other attacks will always be backup. In the event of a ransomware attack, businesses can take infected systems offline, revert to the last clean system copy for restoration, and get back in business without paying a ransom. The FBI, ABA, and other vital cyber security authorities recommend backing up important data no less than daily. ...Read More »
Effectively Assessing Sales Opportunities - The Keys to Winning the Complex Sale By Dr. Steve Bistritz As a salesperson, would you like to close more business without doing any more work? Most salespeople would jump at the chance to do that; however, they don't seem to want to take the time early in sales campaigns to determine where not to spend their time. The most successful sales professionals win more business not just by working hard or by making more sales calls, but also by working smart and carefully assessing the viability of each opportunity at the beginning of the sales campaign. ...Read More »
How is Machine Learning Revolutionizing Cyber Security? By Kevin Gardner What role does machine learning play when it comes to cybersecurity and networking security? When people first adopted machine learning as a new kind of technology, it revolutionized the realm of cybersecurity, and it has continued to do so over the last several years. Organizations of every size have been in a struggle to find quality talent to fill the positions of their security team. Many firms have had a hard time addressing the obstacles of talent shortage and the scarcity of security providers. ...Read More »
How to Create a Good Password for Your Gambling Accounts Computer hacking has become a word that's been thrown around often in the new millennium. They don't just go for government files and bank accounts, but also gambling accounts as was reported by Wizard slots. You might be a savvy punter when it comes to racking up cash, but that's no good if you can't protect yourself from online scammers. It all starts with your password. Storing it on your phone is a good idea until they hack your phone too. Here's a couple of tips on how to create a good password; ...Read More »
Why Every Online Business Needs To Invest In VPN If you own a online business that has a high number of clients purchasing your products or hiring your services, the last thing that you want to see is a malicious hacker taking ownership of your network with ransomware, or your infrastructure taken down by any kind of malware. ...Read More »
The Rise of Ephemeral Content in Social Media By Dan Radak The ever-expanding cyber cosmos of social media is constantly bringing new, exciting trends to existence. Amidst the overwhelming noise, one phenomenon stands out: ephemeral content. We want to make a case for it as more than just another fad. Believe it or not, the basic (time) restrictions of this content are also its greatest strength. ...Read More »
Five Technology Necessities for the Modern Business One of the most important things in business today is technology. Technology is transforming the business landscape at rate we have never seen before. Just think of how much has changed in the past several years. There are now 10 billion mobile devices in use, and all of them can be used to purchase products and services. If you want to survive in this new digital business world, you're going to need to adapt to the change. This includes integrating technology into your business processes as a strategy to increase efficiency and profit margins. ...Read More »
Navigating Licensing Structures for Database Management Systems By Franco Rizzo Custom applications and products are the key to differentiating an enterprise from its competitors - but this requires investment, and funding core business processes is crippling many companies' innovative potential. While core business processes differ by industry and company function, one common to all modern enterprises is the database - the backbone of a company - as well as the database management systems (DBMS) that support it. Paying for a DBMS is not cheap, however. As private and hybrid cloud infrastructures become more popular, CFOs are paying more attention to the operational costs of the database tier, because licensing and support expense of DBMS can be a substantial line item on many IT budgets ...Read More »

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