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Technology Trends Expected to Revolutionize the Medical Industry by 2020 Each century throughout human history has brought significant advancement in the medical industry. For example, life expectancy in the past century has extended by approximately 25 years. The shift is attributed to the development of the cardiac pacemaker, smallpox eradication, and penicillin. Technology could enable researchers to carry out partial human brain transplant, repair the cardiovascular system, and use genetic engineering to alter the human DNA. In the future, advancements in research, computer technology, and design will change how we access health care. For example, computer technology will allow for health insurance comparison and reduce doctor visits significantly. Here are some of the tech advancements that will revolutionize healthcare by 2020. ...Read More »
Content Insider #567 - Coming At You By Miles Weston 5G is going to be the printing press that the wireless industry has been waiting for since people don't call anymore instead they text and they download huge streams of video content to watch all the time no matter where or what they're doing. Folks want you to believe it will be ready to go this year but better guess is 2020. All we need is to decide which codec we're going to use to make streaming video bandwidth conservative, a "little" content protection, and well a complete build-out of our infrastructure. We know who's going to invest in 5G but who will pay for it...yep. But think how filmmakers will enjoy seeing people buy/rent and enjoy the video storytellers' on-the-go great video entertainment...cool! ...Read More »
How To Recover Data Using The Best Mac Trash Files Recovery Software Don't you hate it when you empty out your Mac computer's recycle bin and suddenly remembered that there was one or more files that needed to get back on your hard disk drive? While files are certainly retrievable when they stay on your Mac's trash bin, they're harder to get back once you do a permanent trash file clean (which we sometimes do habitually whenever we see the desktop screen). Is there anything you can do once the file you're looking for is lost and deleted from the trash files? The short answer is yes. ...Read More »
How GDPR Could Impact Your Business' Printing The General Data Protection Regulation, otherwise known as GDPR is a topic that has been heavily covered across international media outlets. With the new legislation created by the European Parliament set to be in stone on the 25th May 2018, businesses across the globe are looking at ways they can adapt their current operational methods to ensure that they are compliant with the new expectations that heighten the security surrounding the data of European citizens. ...Read More »
Machine Learning Security - Considerations and Assurance Machine learning security is an emerging concern for companies, as recent research by teams from Google Brain, OpenAI, US Army Research Laboratory and top universities has shown how machine learning models can be manipulated to return results fitting the attacker's desire. I'll outline several security issues that exist in current algorithmic deployments and then walk through some steps to take in order to provide assurance over algorithmic integrity. ...Read More »
Patch management and the wider business By Trevor Dolan, Segment Director, Product Marketing, Kollective In recent years, digital transformation has gone from an office buzzword to a key strategy for any smart business. Likewise, IT in the workplace has been elevated from a small component of the office to having a major role in most businesses. There was a time when the IT department's role largely involved dealing with standard operational tasks like setting up a new server or troubleshooting email. Now, however, the team's to-do list will include managing much more strategic initiatives, including data analysis, augmenting the workforce with AI and incorporating IoT into workplace operations. Despite the key role IT teams play in modern businesses, their impact on the wider company is not always known or understood. One area where this is becoming especially clear, is in the process of patch management - which can ensure that a business is protected and secure at the most fundamental level. ...Read More »
8 Most Effective Money Saving Strategies Every Business Should Follow This Year Starting a business is indeed a difficult task; but, maintaining it without breaking your bank is even more difficult. It takes a lot of efforts to spare some of your hard-earned money when there are thousands of other expenses right in front of you. How to be frugal and boost your business from its bottom line to new heights? Well, if you are wondering about the answer, here are some of the penny-pinching ideas to save a few grand while expanding your business. ...Read More »
Extreme Customer Service will Skyrocket Your Results in Business By John Di Lemme Customer service is the most vital element in business success.The top businesses in the world like Amazon provide "extreme" customer service that ultimately separates them from average businesses and catapults their revenue. ...Read More »
How Customer Insight Data Can Benefit Your Business The big upturns and shakings in the advertising sector can be felt in the world of marketing, which dictionary only recently was enriched with new terminologies like multi-channel marketing automation and customer data platforms. As marketers are clearly playing catch up to meet expectations of their, equally demanding clients, and prove they can successfully predict what John Smiths might want to buy on the next visit, or where he will be clicking tomorrow, there has never been a greater demand for smart marketing tools to be created. ...Read More »
What is the Buzz About Blockchain? With all the fuss that has been made about cryptocurrencies over the last few months, it is pretty certain that you have at least heard of the term blockchain. But do you understand what blockchain technology actually is? Or how it works? ...Read More »

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