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Cloud technologies - an essential step in the digital transformation journey The cloud offers a wide range of benefits to businesses, from start-ups to local companies and large enterprises. It's giving fresh new start-ups a competitive edge, as they can begin using the cloud immediately without having to consider integrating clunky legacy systems. There are no servers in the backroom, no resistance from Doris in accounts who likes her 1990 interface; new businesses can adopt a cloud-first approach. But whether you're a start-up, an established small business or a worldwide global behemoth, there's a place for the cloud in your business. It's clear that executives are aware of this, with 63% of business leaders planning to move their entire IT estate into the cloud (CIF). What's more, 95% of businesses are currently utilising the cloud in some capacity (RightScale), which is encouraging. ...Read More »
Don't Let the Chips Fall Where They May The recent exposure of computer chip flaws that could allow hackers to steal passwords and other vital information has the Tech World buzzing. Aptly named "Spectre" and "Meltdown," these problems are being fixed by chip makers Intel, AMD and others, and fixes are being put in by operating system software companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google. Good, you say. So what's to worry about? The story behind the story is that these fixes will cause your PCs, phones, tablets and other computing systems to take a performance hit that could range from 2% to 10% or much more. No biggie, you say. Well not so fast. Let's do the math. This could impact your workday. ...Read More »
After Backlash, Apples Reverses Ruling Banning Copycat Apps By Roberto Ragusa, Co-Managing Partner of DIT Web Solutions Apple's impact on the business world continues to be felt. One of the key issues with technology based companies is the ever-changing rules and regulations set forth by industry giants, changing the face of a company with a single sentence. The recent ruling by Apple regarding App Store Guidelines is no exception. With one swoop of the keyboard, Apple managed to turn large sections of the App industry upside down. Companies were given until 1 Jan 2018 to meet with new compliance terms on app submissions. ...Read More »
Expand Your Business Offshore with These Simple Tips By Dan Radak Once a good idea is transformed into a thriving business, it's only natural to start things about ways to expand your operations to completely new, previously unreached audiences. Living in the digital era makes communication and project-coordination with individuals who live on the other side of the world might be easy, but international expansion it's far from being a simple matter. You have to deal with a completely different consumer culture, different languages, customs, laws, regulations, and mindsets than what you're used to, which makes the transition into a new market that more difficult. Here are five tips to help make that transition easier and more efficient. ...Read More »
Understanding Attribution for Paid Social - UTMs and GA Attribution Models By Tim Brown When you're running a paid social campaign - in particular, Facebook ads, a strange thing happens if you don't know to use manual UTM (stands for Urchin Tracking Module) tagging in your ads - Google Analytics doesn't quite know what to make of the traffic. The lack of out-of-the-box analytics performance here is frustrating if you don't know what to do next. It makes sense that the same level of ease for tracking wouldn't exist when compared to Google AdWords; however, the results are surprisingly useless. ...Read More »
Spectre in the Advertising Ecosystem By Chris Olson, CEO and Cofounder of The Media Trust Communicated to the world on January 3, Spectre is a troublesome, potentially damaging vulnerability discovered in microprocessors that allows the surreptitious capture of passwords and sensitive data. To put the severity of this problem into perspective, almost every networked device made in the past 20 years is vulnerable to Spectre1, including those that run the global digital ecosystem-from brands, advertising/marketing technologies to websites and consumer browsers. For the advertising industry, the threat does not seem obvious. However, industry researchers conducted proof-of-concept attack scenarios using just a few lines of JavaScript and C programming code to highlight the potential risk. ...Read More »
Meltdown and Spectre and Unwelcome Invites to the Vulnerability Party By Dallas N. Bishoff, Director, Security Services at PCM Inc. Today I was once again asked to comment on a new vulnerability. No, it was not Meltdown or Spectre. The details are not important, the reality is. In my response today, I commented that the only thing predictable about the world of information security is we will have vulnerabilities. You can count on it. In fact, you could say, "Get in line." Some will be worse than others, but the road goes on forever, and the party will never stop. ...Read More »
Artificial Intelligence at Call Centers By Robin Singh Artificial intelligence (AI) is already a big part of our society. In fact, a study by Gartner suggests that by 2020, 85% of customer relationships with organizations will be managed via technology. Considering that we can expect such revolutionary changes in the next 2 years, the question is - will customer service agents become extinct? ...Read More »
Content Insider #554 - AI Help...Less By Miles Weston AI was so big at this year's CES. How big? Ask any refrigerator, TV set, chair, speaker, toilet, car, phone anywhere on the expanding show floor. Heck they'd answer you before you asked. AI was so big it had its own group of sessions, its own display area and then infiltrated everything on the show floor. Next year AI will run the show. It's necessary because there's so much data being grabbed from everything we touch that ordinary people need help making just the right decision. Gawd forbid you should try and come up short. After all, no one wants to be wrong and AI wouldn't mislead you...would it? ...Read More »
Key Considerations when Choosing a Low- or High-Power DAS By Slavko Djukic There are myriad options these days for an in-building wireless solution, but a distributed antenna system (DAS) has become a go-to solution for many industries that require reliable in-building connectivity, including hospitality, healthcare, enterprise and commercial real estate. But even after a business decides to use a DAS, the decision-making isn't over. Another one of the inevitable choices that will arise is whether to choose a high-power or low-power solution - and the answer depends on several factors. ...Read More »

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