\ Why desktops and laptops are still the choice for professionals
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Why desktops and laptops are still the choice for professionals

By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly

Technology has sure come a long way, and today's business professionals have access to all sorts of tools to operate more efficiently: desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

While mobile devices have made big in roads, desktops and laptops still rule the day for most and are true winners on the efficiency front.

Are desktops and laptops a dying breed?

Last year, the magazine tech-bible Wired reported that smart phones would soon replace laptops and desktops – common wisdom is that the desktop PC is dead, and professionals are either replacing them with laptops or moving straight to smartphones and tablets. But a survey carried out by a leading corporate seller hardware and software, SHI, of 306 full-time IT professionals working for companies with 20 employees or more, yielded different results. Ninety-nine percent surveyed report that they plan to replace at least one computer over the coming year, while 82 percent will replace existing desktops or laptops with an upgraded version of the same product as these devices are proven sound on the productivity front.

Smartphones and Tablets versus Desktops and Laptops

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of the business person's toolkit but how useful is it for typing professional correspondence such as with planning and research, or producing the company's annual report? The same question can be asked with regard to tablets: they are effective to some degree when it comes to gathering information, communicating, and even entertaining, but they too have their limitations. For texting and quick emails the smartphone rules, but for serious work that won't strain your eyes, back or fingertips, nothing beats desktop PCs, and for the on-the-go professional working on trains, planes and in hotel rooms, the laptop packs the punch of visibility and extended battery life that tablets cannot match.

Smartphones and tablets are still considered very useful tool for today's business professionals and this is still important to keep in mind. The Samsung S7 and Edge, as well as a long list Samsung Tablets - to name a few examples – on the market are beneficial for a host of reasons -- the main ones being communicating and the ability to gather information from online sources.

The key is to know your needs align with technological capabilities and to equip yourself and your staff with the right devices for the task at hand.

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