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4 SaaS Solutions to Help Your IT Department

Though IT teams are overloaded, pressure increases as they are responsible for company innovation. A recent study says only 15 percent of IT's time is spent truly innovating. What tasks are IT teams actually spending their time on? Well, 21 percent of time is spent patching, tuning and updating old systems, 30 percent is spent on issue resolution and new service requests, and 11 percent is dedicated to installing hardware. 

With just 15 percent of IT's time going to innovation, it's easy to see how select tools could lend a helping hand to IT teams. So, what are software solutions that will help your IT teams become even more productive? Read on to find out.

1. A no-code app dev platform, like Vinyl. Created by Zudy, Vinyl builds apps in only days, compared to a typically lengthy development process. Within the platform, users are able to build, monitor, measure, design, secure, connect, deploy and monitor an application whether it be cloud-based or on-premise. 

Vinyl is for enterprise level companies, and Zudy guarantees their team can build you an app in one week or less - for free. Once your first app is built, you have the option to subscribe, which gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of apps for an unlimited number of users. Unlimited apps and an unlimited number of users is a completely different pricing model from other no-code app dev platforms. If in need of extra help, Zudy also offers assistance in the form of software architects.

2. A disaster recovery service, like Bluelock. Known best as disaster-recovery-as-a-service provider that is changing the way businesses protect their data and stay open for business. 

Their team of experts is dedicated to ensuring partner companies consistently deliver a secure, seamless, digital experience, even for the most complex IT environments, with a goal to always think about old problems in new ways and develop easy-to-use solutions that allow companies to focus on their core business, not on the hardware behind it.

3. A cloud software optimization platform, like Zylo. IT departments that only evaluate their SaaS tech stacks on a quarterly or even annual basis could be blindsided - or completely unaware - of how their organization is purchasing and using technology. 

With the billions spent on SaaS stacks annually, usage should be evaluated each month. A platform like Zylo's aggregates all SaaS applications into a dashboard where organizations and their internal IT departments can evaluate spend, usage and employee sentiment toward SaaS apps. This way, they have complete insight into which departments are using which apps, how employees like the apps and how much SaaS spend there is. 

4. An intuitive form builder, like Formstack. IT teams are busy with constant demands thrown their way. Whether trying to manage internal service requests or company assets, IT teams can save time and automate processes with forms by Formstack. 

With intuitive form builders, IT pros can create service request forms, bug trackers and feedback forms to ensure issues are addressed quickly, keeping customers and team members happy.

While these are just a few of the SaaS solutions out there, they make IT teams lives' easier by securing data, creating automated processes, providing insight into an organization's software stack, and managing internal service requests. IT teams are valuable and additional solutions you can provide them with can increase their productivity.

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