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4 Ways to Revamp Your Waiting Room

By Kevin Gardner

Whether you are a practitioner in the medical field or not, your business waiting room speaks volume of your service offering. A poorly designed and disorganized waiting room presents you as a business person or medical practitioner that is disorganized. How do you expect your clients or patients to trust you with their business or health when your business waiting room encourages them to think otherwise? 

Social Media Sharing can make or break your business:

Aside from walk-in clients that have made it to your office, the world might also catch a glimpse of your waiting room through social media on platforms such as Instagram where your clients can upload picture or videos with short captions expressing their views concerning your waiting room. I bet you would want these photos and videos to carry positive captions. For you to get those positive captions, you need to revamp your waiting room and convert it into a warm and inviting space, that is akin to a relaxing oasis. We propose that you follow these tips to revamp your business waiting room:

i. Pay attention to your design and d├ęcor

You need to be careful when choosing the colors for your business waiting room. The colors chosen should be warm and inviting. They should not be dull or too bright and screaming. Work with an interior designer to get the right blend of colors in your waiting rooms. Have nice wall hangings, ensure that the furniture is arranged nicely and perhaps you can have some magazines which your clients can peruse as they await their turn to be served.

ii. Insist on comfort and convenience

The furniture chosen for your waiting room should be comfortable for all of your clients. You never know how long your clients might have to wait before they are attended to; therefore, make sure that the seats are comfortable enough. For convenience, make sure that the seats are arranged in such a way that clients can easily move from their seats to your office when their time to be attended to comes.

iii. A place for everyone

It is essential for you to appreciate the fact that the clients who will walk into your office are different. Some might want to wait in total silence while some might want to stay engaged or preoccupied as they wait for their turn to be served. You can attend to both clients by keeping your TV and muting the volume. You can set your TV to allow for video captioning so that those interested in following what is being televised can follow through the captions. If your clients often visit your office with their kids, make sure that you set aside a corner in your waiting room to serve as a play area for kids. Also, provide countertops and outlets for clients who would wish to use their laptops or other handheld devices. 

iv. Integrate technology

A sizable proportion of those served by businesses are millennials who are tech-savvy, and as such, they would easily be attracted to businesses which have amenities such as free Wi-Fi. It is common to walk into a waiting room and find clients busy on their phones surfing the Internet. When you offer free Wi-Fi to your clients, they will surf with ease without having to worry about depleting their bundles. This amenity makes it possible for clients to connect to their social networks and share that they are in the hospital. They can also share their experiences with excellent reviews helping your business to get more clients. 

Parting shot:

A cozy and warm waiting room is a plus for businesses that would like to retain their clients. Some clients would turn into repeat clients solely because of their experience in your business waiting room. Therefore, make sure you implement the suggestions above and come up with a relaxing business waiting room.

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