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Why SEO is the Now of Marketing

by Dan Munson

Digital marketing continues to grow in importance as businesses look for ways to connect with relevant shoppers. Now that people at every stage of the customer lifecycle depend on search engines, SEO has naturally assumed a vital role. In other words, you need search engine users to see links to your business when they perform relevant searches. 

Intense competition, changing technology and evolving customer behavior all mean that yesterday's strategies may not work well for you today. The following trends will help you understand why SEO should form the backbone of your digital marketing strategy right now. 

An article in Forbes recently pointed out that a voice revolution is coming. Mobile users increasingly depend on voice search when they need to access information without focusing on a screen. Similarly, users of screen-less smart devices at home and work are rapidly relegating touchscreens and keyboards to obsolescence. 

Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating voice SEO factors into your overarching strategy. Getting listed at the top of voice search most likely will become more important than claiming top positions on traditional results pages. 

If you're not producing and publishing online video content, your SEO strategy has already fallen behind. Many people prefer visual learning and entertainment, so Google will naturally offer videos at the top of search results. 

As search algorithms evolve, the quality of your content will become more relevant to SEO performance. Also, you will have to optimize all your visual content for voice search. 

Google has taken massive initiatives to make sure that only content that meets its standards of credibility rise to the top of search engine results. As CNN pointed out, Google may have reluctantly assumed the role of a censor, but that role will likely continue to grow in ways that will affect practically every industry. 

Stay updated with the factors that Google uses to assess legitimacy and make sure that your website content meets those criteria. If you don't, you might suddenly get buried in search results, despite your sound SEO strategy. 

Already, so-called "social signals" impact the performance of your website in search results. Google tends to assume that content that is shared and discussed on social sites has more value than content that fails to engage. 

Also, remember that social networks have search engines of their own. For this reason, optimizing your social media content for social search will become increasingly important. Keep in mind that the rules that apply to Google SEO may not apply to searches on social networks. 

Off Page 
As more companies compete for the top positions in search results, off-page factors such as influencer marketing and link building have grown in importance. When websites with high domain authority link to yours, 

Google sees that as confirmation that your site has valuable content. Additionally, although influencers contribute to link-building campaigns, they also can dramatically boost sales by increasing the recognition and credibility of your brand. 

Search engines want to create an outstanding experience, so they will always attempt to match queries with the results that users most likely need. This means that the quality of your content is more important now than ever before. 

Regardless of the format of the content you publish, make sure that it adds value to its intended audience. In other words, it should provide the type of information necessary to make life better for everyone who encounters it. 

In conclusion, SEO is the now of marketing. Whether shoppers are first learning about how to solve a problem or are ready to make a buying decision, they turn to Google to find the information they need. Don't disappoint them. Stay relevant by mastering the above trends.

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