Lucy Pioneers Generative AI for Knowledge Management with New Feature: Lucy SynopsisSM

The answer engine now joins the conversation on communication channels Microsoft Teams and Slack and directly responds to users’ questions with summarized answers

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lucy, the world’s leading AI-powered answer engine, today announces the launch of Lucy SynopsisSM. The new feature enables Lucy to respond to users’ questions with a short summary of the best answers, equipping teams with the exact information they need in the moment to do their jobs and make better decisions faster.

Lucy uses generative AI to read and synthesize the millions of data points that she finds across an organization’s knowledge ecosystem and provides a unique two to three sentence summary response that directly and accurately answers users’ questions. Synopsis is available within the Lucy platform and is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, Slack, and other business messaging platforms. Users can ask Lucy a question in a private chat or mention Lucy in a group chat within the business messaging platform they’re already using daily, either on desktop or mobile, to get an immediate and summarized answer.

“What makes Synopsis so powerful is that it delivers summarized answers directly in the messaging applications teams use every day. Most employees habitually go to these channels to seek answers from colleagues and get help finding information. Lucy participates as a user in the Microsoft Teams and Slack environment, providing you with answers just as a colleague would,” said Scott Litman, Founder and COO of Lucy.

The seamless integration of Synopsis with business messaging platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack makes it even easier and faster for employees to get the answers they need, without distracting colleagues with questions, and speeds adoption of Lucy by eliminating the need for organizational change management. Users can bring Lucy on the go by interacting with her within the Microsoft Teams, Slack, and other enterprise software mobile apps.

Lucy liberates companies’ corporate knowledge by serving as the ultimate answer engine. She instantly finds the information employees are looking for, regardless of its format or where it sits within the organization. She goes beyond traditional enterprise search to bring users the exact answer – and the specific page, slide, or video time stamp where the answer they need lives – instead of a list of potentially relevant documents.

“Synopsis enhances the Lucy experience by creating an empowering summary of content. Lucy absorbs information from various sources and provides users with a precise, accurate, and summarized answer to their specific question, in addition to pointing them to the top ten results. This latest development is just one of the ways she takes the burden of finding information off the enterprise. It’s also the first practical application of generative AI for knowledge management,” added Steve Frederickson, Director of Product Management at Lucy.

The launch of Synopsis is the latest in a series of company developments, including the release of Lucy 4 and the creation of Lucy’s customer advisory board.

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Lucy serves as the ultimate AI-powered answer engine. She was created in 2015 to solve one of the most urgent and overlooked problems that exists in every organization: the daily scavenger hunt for information. Lucy liberates corporate knowledge of companies by getting the right answer, at the right time, no matter where it sits in the organization. Lucy frees capacity, breaks down knowledge siloes and makes every team and individual more efficient and productive. Forward-thinkers such as PepsiCo, Haleon (formerly GSK) and Saatchi & Saatchi leverage Lucy to drive value across the enterprise. For more information, visit


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